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Firstly, a quick word about language, which can be especially useful if you want to impress an archaeologist friend. The correct term when referring to this ancient culture is Maya, not Mayan. Mayan refers only to the actual language spoken. Everything else, people, sites, culture etc should be referred to as Maya. Also worth remembering […]


We love featuring blogs from others, especially others who love travel as much as we do. The blog we’re featuring here is from Wildland Adventures, both a leader in their industry and a provider of great and relevant blogs to the travel world. They recently wrote a blog entitled, “Etihad Brings Back the Glam to […]

Tips for Fishing in Belize

August 25, 2014

mayan fishing for the big one

Tips for Fishing in Belize   Some fun facts for the complete novice if fishing in Belize is on your mind:   The Maya people were probably the first to discover the importance of fishing in Belize, particularly snapper and anchovies. Its true fish DO grow on trees. The shallow mangroves that make up much […]


How to Handle a Travel Emergency   Wildland Adventures is not only a leader in their industry, they continuously put out great quality blogs. Recently they posted a blog entitled “How to handle a travel emergency in your sleep”. Check it out if you haven’t already. It tells the nightmare of what no traveler wants to […]

Belizean Lobsterfest

June 17, 2014

Lobster pic for blog

Belizean Lobsterfest   Belize is famous for its spiny lobster (called crayfish locally), whose harvest season begins annually on June 15th. This date also marks the celebration of all things lobster, including three festivals held in different Belizean communities. The beach towns of Caye Caulker and Placencia have traditionally had Lobsterfests, and in recent years, […]