Multi-stop tickets offer better value than one-way or round trip

Multi-stop tickets offer better value than one-way or round trip

April 26, 2008

Planning your South America Route?

If you find yourself planning an extensive ‘trip of a lifetime’ to Mexico, Central America, or South America, or maybe even every country from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego; it will really pay off if you research out your flight options BEFORE you begin your trip.

Exito Travel gets calls every day from people requesting a one-way ticket. When our agents ask for more details about the traveler’s exact plans, we often learn that he/she is actually planning to visit a number of countries throughout Latin America. Some people manage to speak to one of our agents BEFORE buying their one-way ticket… but others end up calling us months later when they are at the end of their wits, still 3 countries away from the city that they plan to return from. There are some very important things to keep in mind before purchasing a one-way ticket:

  1. One way tickets usually cost at least 75-80% of the cost of a round-trip ticket.
  2. Many countries require proof of onward travel in order to board a one way flight. Airlines may deny boarding if travelers cannot show such proof
  3. One-way tickets traveling back to the US are typically much higher than traveling from the US, southbound.

Many Latin American carriers (TACA, LACSA, COPA, MEXICANA, LAN, etc) offer stopovers en route for little/no extra charge: Example:

  • Traveling from Los Angles to Buenos Aires.
  • TACA offers stopovers in San Jose, Costa Rica, and Lima, Peru
  • The first stopover is FREE and the second one costs only $50

In this example you could visit Costa Rica, Peru and Argentina for $50 more than the cost of a ticket to Argentina alone.

For further details please call us at 800-655-4053 (M-F 7AM-5PM Pacific) and ask to speak with one of our muli-stop flight eXperts.

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