Luggage Allowances to South America

Luggage Allowances to South America

October 10, 2008

Now, more than ever, you can’t take it with you – or if you do, it’s going to cost you.

In their constant quest to reduce costs, most airlines have severely restricted luggage allowances for trips to Latin America. Most airlines now only allow one piece of luggage to be checked for free. That piece must weigh no more than 50 pounds, and must be no larger than 62 linear inches in size (if you add up the length, the width, and the height the total is the size in linear inches)

The silver lining is that this brings US baggage allowances more in line with the baggage allowances for flights within South America. For years, the standard allowance there has been 20 kilograms, which is approximately 44 pounds. So if, for example, you are flying from the US to Lima on American Airlines, then continuing to Cuzco on Lan Peru, you can check one bag up to 50 pounds for your American flight, and one bag up to 44 pounds for the Lima-Cuzco flight. With the new, lower allowances from the US, passengers are less likely to suddenly be hit with excess baggage fees for their flights within Latin America.

There are still a few carriers that do allow 2 checked bags – if baggage is important, be sure to check an airline’s baggage restrictions before you purchase a ticket. Your Exito travel agent will be happy to advise you on current baggage restrictions.

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