2008 November

November 2008

So you find yourself in Cuzco, Peru, and for whatever reason you are not going to traverse the famed Inca Trail, be it because you didn’t reserve your space far enough in advance or you simply don’t want to battle the throngs that are already on it. Rest assured, there are alternatives, and great ones […]

Group Travel Insurance: Costs Less & Covers More Planning a group trip has it’s complexities. Arriving at a final itinerary that fits everyone’s budget, tastes and schedule can take some time, effort, and a fair amount of diplomacy. Once a group has committed, and more importantly, invested in confirming travel plans, it is well worth […]

Whether you are an experienced world traveler or the ink is barely dry on your passport, there are a few things that are well worth remembering when planning, and taking, your next international flight. Plan ahead Airlines have reduced the frequency of many domestic flights, making many of the remaining flights fill up faster. This […]

As of Monday, Nov. 17th, the international departure tax from Quito will increase from USD $40.30 to USD $44.30.  This fee must be paid in cash, in either US dollars or Euros.  All international travelers must pay the departure fee, so be sure to save some cash for the airport. For domestic flights (including the […]