2009 May

May 2009

Take the baby? Yes. Babies are the greatest ice-breakers in the world. Little old ladies who once eyed you suspiciously will come up to talk, pinch the baby’s cheeks, and coo over the little darling. Total strangers will stop you to admire the baby. Traveling with a baby in Latin America is like traveling with […]

Secure Flight, the US Transportation Security Administration’s long awaited passenger vetting program, began today, May 15th.  The TSA now asks that passengers use their full name, as it appears on their passport, when booking airline tickets.  At this point small discrepancies such as the use of a middle initial instead of a full middle name […]

“Should we take the kids?”   Yes.  Latin American is one of the most child-friendly places on earth.   Traveling with children will make your whole trip special in ways that you could never have imagined before you became parents. But traveling with children also has it’s own challenges and special considerations.  Here are a few of […]