2010 January

January 2010

Days of torrential rains have pounded Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, resulting in widespread flooding, landslides, and washouts.  Bridges and roads have been heavily damaged, making travel difficult and in some cases impossible.  The entire Sacred Valley region has been declared a disaster zone by the Peruvian government. The ruins of Machu Picchu are closed.  […]

The Ethical Traveler announced their 2010 Developing World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations report, and four Latin American nations were on the list. The Latin American honorees are, in alphabetical order, Argentina, Belize, Chile, and Suriname. Argentina was praised for “a commitment…. towards zero net deforestation, including responsible land management plans and conservation efforts for more […]

After almost a year of delays, Argentina has instituted a reciprocity fee for nationals of  the United States, Australia, and Canada. Citizens of those 3 countries will need to pay a fee upon entry to Argentina.  The fees are set at the following levels: US Citizens:  USD$131 Australians:  USD$100 Canadians:  USD$70 Technically speaking, these are […]

It seems like it should be easy.  You buy your ticket, get on a plane, and go. But go where?  Where do you fly in to, where should you leave from, and how to decide what to do in between? Planning a trip, whether it be for a week or a year, takes some thought […]

Some of our European clients will be disappointed to hear that Air Comet, which flies between Spain and several Latin American countries, has ceased operations after a British judge ordered its fleet of leased aircraft impounded.  Air Comet made the decision amid a lack of money to make lease payments on its aircraft. Air Comet’s […]