2010 March

March 2010

Machu Picchu ruins are set to reopen on April 1st, 2010!   The highly-anticipated reopening ceremonies are said to involve both high Peruvian government officials, and celebrities like Susan Sarandon. Just as importantly, Peru Rail has restored train services to Aguas Calientes (or Machu Picchu Town) starting March 29.  Things are not, however, 100% normal.  […]

The EFE (Ecuadorian Railways Company)has announced that  the route Alausi – Nariz del Diablo – Alausi will be closed from March 4th  to July 4th,  2010, for maintenance. The route, known in English as the Devil’s Nose, is perhaps the most famous train rides in Latin America.  Beginning in Riobamba, the trice-weekly train traverses rickety […]

Limited flights began operating in and out of  Santiago de Chile yesterday, following Saturday’s massive earthquake. The runways and air traffic control systems were undamaged in the quake.  Unfortunately, the passenger terminal building sustained heavy damage. Our contacts in Chile report that the airlines are trying out all kinds of creative solutions to get stranded […]