Famed Ecuador Train Route Closes for Repairs

Famed Ecuador Train Route Closes for Repairs

March 12, 2010

The EFE (Ecuadorian Railways Company)has announced that  the route Alausi – Nariz del Diablo – Alausi will be closed from March 4th  to July 4th,  2010, for maintenance.

The route, known in English as the Devil’s Nose, is perhaps the most famous train rides in Latin America.  Beginning in Riobamba, the trice-weekly train traverses rickety bridges, steep mountains, and narrow cliff-hugging rails as it journeys from the high Andes to the coastal jungle.  For years, travelers have crowded the aging rail cars to enjoy the spectacular ride.  And this being Ecuador, riding on the roof was not just permitted but encouraged.

Recently the rickety train cars of old have been replaced by a more modern vehicle that resembles a bus on rails.  The spectacular view, however, remain the same.    If you will be traveling in Ecuador after July 4, consider taking in this amazing journey.

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