Machu Picchu Reopens April 1

Machu Picchu Reopens April 1

March 30, 2010

Machu Picchu ruins are set to reopen on April 1st, 2010!   The highly-anticipated reopening ceremonies are said to involve both high Peruvian government officials, and celebrities like Susan Sarandon.

Just as importantly, Peru Rail has restored train services to Aguas Calientes (or Machu Picchu Town) starting March 29.  Things are not, however, 100% normal.  There are still some things to know.

  • During the months of April and May 2010, Peru Rail will run its train service to/from Machu Picchu under partial and limited conditions.
  • The train tracks have only been repaired between the town of Piscacucho (also known as “Km 82”; one of the entry points to the Inca Trail) and Machu Picchu (or Aguas Calientes). This means that travelers will only be able to board the train to Machu Picchu at this provisionary station (Piscacucho) and, correspondingly, disembark at this station when returning from Machu Picchu back to Cusco. Rail Peru will operate a permanent bus service, free of charge, between Piscacucho and the original train station located in Ollantaytambo.
  • Due to the shorter train track portion available during this time (April/May 2010) Peru Rail is not able to operate all of their wagons, thus limiting their seating capacity in the train service to approximately 30% of its regular capacity.  If you are booked on a tour, check with your tour company – there may be time or date changes required.
  • During this time, Peru Rail will strictly enforce a luggage policy of only  1 piece of luggage per passenger (bag or backpack), with a maximum weight of 05kg or 11lbs and maximum dimensions (width + height + length) of 62 inches or 157cm.

Rail Peru continues to work to restore full service to Machu Picchu, Peru’s most famous tourist destination.  We at Exito Travel will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed.

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Carpool April 24, 2010 at 3:09 pm

Thanks for the article. It is such a nice place!

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