2010 October

October 2010

Altitude Sickness

October 25, 2010

Few sites in the world can match the beauty of the Andes mountains.  The snow-capped peaks, the green terraced hillsides, the ancient ruins and peaceful villages – it’s breathtaking.  Really breathtaking.  As in – I can’t breathe! Most visitors to the Andes regions will experience some degree of difficulty with the altitude.  This may be […]

It happened again last week – the frantic phone call from the airport, as a client realizes that his passport is expired. Take a deep breath.  Yes, it’s bad, but like most things, there are solutions. The best solution is, of course, prevention.  When you buy your ticket, take a few minutes to find and […]

Latin America is the land of departure taxes.  Many countries charge departure taxes, and all too often these can only be paid in cash, at the airport, at departure.  This can come as an unwelcome surprise to travelers who (like me) may arrive at the airport with no money left in their pockets. Peru is […]