Tahiti or bust!

Tahiti or bust!

February 23, 2011

Alissa recounts her recent trip to Tahiti, making us all very jealous

Although my passion for travel was sparked with several trips to Central and South America, I had yet to travel beyond the continents of North and South America. It had been 3 years since my last big trip (Costa Rica), so my husband and I decided it was about time to get out those dusty passports. Since I really don’t like the winter months in Colorado, we opted for a tropical destination. What could be better than a trip to Tahiti?!

We packed our bags and left the 20 below zero temperatures for greener pastures – or majestic mountains with crystal clear water. We flew to LA and took Air Tahiti straight to Papeete. After an 8 ½ hour flight, we arrived at 5:30 am to paradise. I have never seen such dramatic scenery: the lush and massive covered mountains that dip right into sparkling blue water.

We ate breakfast and made our way to the ferry, which took us to Moorea. It is only a 30 minute trip from Papeete and was a good compromise to not being able to afford a stay on Bora Bora.

We stayed for 4 nights at the Pearl Resort, where we had our own private bungalow
with a plunge pool. We relaxed, read, snorkeled, sea kayaked and ate and ate and
ate. We booked a tour and headed to the “best snorkeling spot on Moorea,” although
I am pretty sure every tour company says that about every snorkeling spot.  It didn’t
matter ,because it was awesome! The water was clear, warm and only about 5 feet
deep. There were tons of beautifully colored fish and coral. We ate a traditional
Tahitian barbecue with chicken, pasta and paella right on the beach.

On the fifth day we changed resorts and spent two nights at the Hilton. We splurged
and got an overwater bungalow. It was worth every penny. The ability to walk
out of your deck and jump into the water to snorkel was priceless. And that glass
window on the floor that looks right into the water was amazing; we saw sting rays,
sharks (they were small) and beautiful fish from our couch.

To make an incredibly long story a little shorter: we had a terrific time and enjoyed
a needed vacation in paradise. Now for the disclaimer – it was so expensive that
we will be eating Ramen for the next few months to pay off the trip of a lifetime! So
here’s my advice to you – venture out of your comfort zone and travel to somewhere

– Alissa

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