Floods and Mudslides in Bolivia

Floods and Mudslides in Bolivia

March 3, 2011

After weeks of heavy rains, Bolivia is beset by floods and mudslides.  The poorer regions of the capitol city, La Paz, are particularly hard-hit, with hundreds of homes swept away by mudslides.

It appears that relatively few lives have been lost, although there has been at least one unverified report to the contrary.  Threatened areas were evacuated several days ago, so while many homes have been destroyed, the death toll is lower than might be feared.

Tourist areas continue to function normally.  The international airports of La Paz and Santa Cruz are operating as usual.  Some road closures have been reported, however, so travelers should be aware that overland travel may be difficult.

While the death toll for the mudslides is low, people are nevertheless in need.  The neighborhoods that were primarily affected are poor ones, where people already have few resources and insurance is unknown.

The Bolivian Red Cross is conducing relief efforts around the country, and a number of new relief organizations have sprung up.  I cannot vouch for the conduct of any of them, but you can check some options (in Spanish)  at:


Or donate directly to the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent:


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