Latin America Weathers Tsunami With Minimal Damage

Latin America Weathers Tsunami With Minimal Damage

March 14, 2011

Latin America appears to have sustained minimal damage from the tsunami generated by Japan’s massive 8.9 earthquake on Friday.

Ecuador‘s government today lifted the state of emergency from the Galapagos Islands, and people all along the West Coast of Latin America returned to their homes this weekend.

The Galapagos sustained the heaviest damage, with some hotels along the water taking heavy hits.  There were no reported casualties, however, as the government had evacuated the low-lying areas to higher ground.  More than 260,000 people were evacuated from coastal areas of the mainland, as well as the Galapagos.

In Peru, over 300 coastal buildings  were damaged and flooding was reported there.  Several hundred people in the town of Pisco spent the night inland in the town square.

Easter Island reported larger waves than usual, but no real damage.  In mainland  Chile tens of thousands of residents in low-lying areas were brought to safety.

All airports have reopened, and it’s business as usual in Latin America.

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