2011 June

June 2011

Chile’s Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano continues to disrupt travel in South America, although activity has lessened  in recent days.

Travel in Argentina and Uruguay has been the most severely impacted, with airport closures yesterday in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

While many towns in Chile have been doused with ash, air travel has been less affected.  But as the ash cloud spreads over the Pacific, travel between Australia and South American is the latest casualty.  Qantas in particular has chosen not to operate under the current conditions.

If you are scheduled to fly to Buenos Aires or Montevideo within the next week, please keep in close contact with your Exito agent or the airline.  While the situation seems to be improving, there may still be flight cancellations or delays.

Every seasoned traveler has their list of special stuff that they always take along, stuff that over the years has proved its use again and again.  Here’s my personal list of things that go in my bag whenever I start packing for a trip (besides the obvious ones of passport, clothes, money, and a copy of my e-ticket – but those are all subjects for another blog!)

1) A pen.  Don’t laugh – you will need it before you even get off the airplane, to fill out all those forms for customs and immigration.  It’s nice to not start off a trip trying to figure out how to say “May I borrow your pen?” in another language.