2011 July

July 2011

Contributed by Tessa Peters

There’s something to be said for the view from the 18th floor of a Hilton resort just about anywhere in the world. It’s luxurious, clean and relaxing…and it will cost you a pretty penny.
However, there are those of us who will never feel comfortable dragging our dirty backpacks, mud-caked hiking boots and suntan lines through the gilded lobbies of such places. There are those for whom even the less-luxurious doesn’t quite fit the ideal.

More and more, there are people who want to travel with the purpose of giving back to the communities through which they travel. There are traditional eco-travel packages, but often they are as isolating from the community as the Hilton. If you’re looking to be thrown into a community and to give back as much as you gather, one way is to join Willing Workers On Organic Farms, commonly called WWOOF. WWOOF pairs hosts with volunteers in order to
trade labor for room and board.