How to Find Low Airfare

How to Find Low Airfare

August 25, 2011

Finding Low Airfare

Book Far in Advance – Reserving months in advance will allow you to secure enough seats on the flight, give you time to collect the money from members in your group and give you the best chance at the lowest fare.


Travel Off-peak – The best group discounts are found on flights that have many open seats. Traveling on off-peak days will usually result in more options, and lower fares.


Use An Agent – The fact is airlines give better prices to experienced agents because they know that will entice the agent to send more group business in the future.  Further, the airlines know that an experienced agent will have a good understanding of group airfares so they can’t charge a little extra


Find An Agent With Many Airline Relationships – Unfortunately, some travel agents have one key airline contract so when you contact them, they only contact that airline.  You want the agent to shop for the best fare.


Benefits of Booking as a Group with eXito:

  • Knowledgeable, friendly group airfare desk
  • Relationships with many airlines
  • Vast experience sending Groups all over the world
  • A guaranteed base fare, for each reserved seat
  • Ability to hold reservations with a deposit and pay in full 30-60 days prior to departure
  • Ability to hold seats without passenger names
  • Ability to adjust the size of the group after initial booking
  • Simplicity. One reservation, one deposit, and one payment, for the whole group
  • Free “group leader” tickets for larger groups


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