10 Tips NOT to Follow

10 Tips NOT to Follow

June 28, 2013

I’m sure you hear advice all the time, or if you’re getting ready to travel, you’re looking up lots of different travel tips. Well, here 10 travel tips that I think aren’t necessary to follow.



1. Wear a Fanny Pack
If you read my last my blog, than you know that I already advise against this piece of hands-free fashion. Many people sing its praises, but in reality, it makes you stick out to the locals and you should be trying to blend in so you’re more protected against those who might be out to harm you. Opt for a cross-body purse or keep your wallet in your front pocket instead. These options are both sensible, and keep you in the fashion gods good graces.


                                                        2. Don’t Overschedule
photo-walks-of-londonMany travel specialists suggest having a light schedule so you can relax and have room for spontaneous adventures. While, this is great, a spontaneous adventure might not happen and you might in turn miss a great sight. We don’t want you to turn around and overschedule yourself, but we realize this might be the only time you’re ever in this destination. Make the most of it and see all that you can so long as it’s not a blur as you go past.


3. Roll Your Clothes, Don’t FoldRolled-clothes
In one of my past blogs I talk about compression bags. If you fold your clothes, then put them in these bags you’ll save a lot more room thanyou do rolling them. If you’re worried about wrinkles, wherever you’re staying most likely has an iron.


                                                         4. Don’t Talk to Strangers
22dating-pic-articleLargeYou’ve probably all heard the phrase, “Stranger danger.” If you follow this age-old advice, you could miss out on some great new friends and some great experiences. The people you talk to could give you recommendations on local cuisine, secret spots, and what’s happening in the town that day or night. If you didn’t talk to them, you’d miss out on all of this. Just be smart about who you talk to, and don’t go off alone with anyone.



5. Skip the Tourist Sites
Some people say you shouldn’t waste time in the crowds to see the famous, tourist attractions when on faction, and instead opt for the less known, secret spots. Yes, the secret spots are great, but would you really want to go to Paris and skip the Eiffel Tower? Sometimes you are a tourist. Sometimes, you really shouldn’t miss seeing the famous landmarks. It’s all about balance.


BA check-in6. Confirm Your Reservation
With all the technology we have available at our fingertips, and the ease this brings to confirmation emails and online check-ins, it seems redundant and like a bit of a time waster to call to double check a reservation. Your last few days before travel are probably busy and stressful enough. Why add more by having to call in a confirmation? Make your life easier, and trust how far technology has come. Now, this isn’t saying don’t pay attention to your reservation at all. You should double check a plane reservation in the upcoming days before your trip incase of last minute changes, but confirmations aren’t necessary.


7. Bring a Blanket for the Planecocoon_travel_blanket
We all know planes are cold, and your flight is a prime time for sleeping, but taking up precious packing space with a blanket is just insensible. A big scarf, or sweatshirt will work just as well, and you can use them again off the plane. Also, it’s important to dress in layers the day of travel to try and combat the cold. If you’re still cold, most planes have blankets you can ask for, with some you can even take with you!


Train-ride-600x4508. Save Money by Staying Outside the City
Sure, the suburbs can sometimes be cheaper, but you need to make sure you’re factoring in you travel cost to and from the city. Oftentimes it’ll equal out and you could’ve stayed in the city anyway. Also, if you had stayed in the city, you wouldn’t have wasted all of your precious to and from travel time, and you could’ve seen more sites! Make this decision wisely!


9. Don’t Eat Street Food056
You don’t need to eat at five-star restaurants, or just restaurants in general, to avoid getting sick while on vacation. Just exercise caution. When you’re selection a food truck or cart, or a street vendor, look for the ones that the locals go to, steer clear of places with bug problems or that look unsanitary, and avoid anything made with or washed in unfiltered water, unless it’s cooked or boiled.


image_1821310. Don’t Book in Advance
It’s great to have an adventure and to be spontaneous. In fact, we encourage it! The reason we discourage this tip is simply so you have a backup plan. Say you’re out til 4 am watching the finals of the World Cup. If you follow our advice you have somewhere to go back to. As the rest of that night pans out, you decide to go out with the new friends you met to celebrate your team winning. That’s great! No one’s going to get hurt by you not showing up to your hotel room. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry, incase you had decided to go to bed at 4 am. It would’ve been a real bummer wandering the streets trying to find an empty room.


If there are any tips that you never follow, feel free to comment and tell us here at Exito.


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