10 Awesome Airport Names: From Batman to Flamingo

10 Awesome Airport Names: From Batman to Flamingo

July 1, 2013

Most airport names are pretty generic. More often than not they are the city name, then “International Airport.” For example, Los Angeles International Airport or Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. However, there are some airports that have some unique, interesting, and quite awesome names, if you ask me.


1. Batman Airport, TurkeyIMG_0190
You don’t have to be billionaire Bruce Wayne to fly to this airport. It serves the city of Batman, Turkey and is named for its proximity to the river Batman, but perhaps that’s just a cover story and there really is a Batman. I’m going with the latter.




2. Robin Hood Airport, England
How could great adventures not await you from the Robin Hood Airport? Unfortunately Robin Hood’s rules don’t fly (pun intended!) in this airport. No stealing from the rich. No swords. But bring all the bands of merry men you want!




3. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Arizona
This airport breaks that generic mold. It’s a sky harbor. The simple phrase “Sky Harbor” makes you look up, into the possibilities, and there, flights lie in your future. Also, on a less poetic note, it’s one of the most exciting names for an American airport, so it had to make the list.


da vinci4. Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Italy
This airport is also called the Fiumicino Airport, but why would you call it that when you could call it the Leonardo da Vinci Airport; an airport named after a legendary Italian artist and visionary. There’s no question.


5. Eek Airport, Alaska
27471 This small airport averaged an incredible 40 flights per resident in 2009, whereas a typical U.S. airport is less than 1 flight per resident per year. Eek! That’s amazing! While I’m sure that’s not how it got its name, it’s a perfect exclamation for the situation.




¼V6. Liverpool John Lennon Airport, England
This airport’s name is entirely appropriate for many reasons. John Lennon did tons of flying touring the world with the Beatles, so naming an airport after him seems quite appropriate. Then later on his own he did a lot of flying as well, he was also known to let his mine fly free a bit. I also like their plain and simple tagline, “Above us only sky.” It’s pretty true for an airport and or an airplane, and I think it adds something to this already iconic place.


7. Flamingo Airport, Bonaire
Not only is it named Flamingo, but also all of its buildings are painted bright pink. Now that’s commitment to a name. Some even say that its control tower, with its skinny base, round top, and bright pink coat of paint, is reminiscent of a flamingo itself.



overview8. Moron Airport: Argentina, Mongolia, and Spain
Yes, you read that right. There are 3 airports that all go by the name of Moron. Contrary to the name, this is not where all of the “morons” of the travel world or elsewhere are sent. It is the airport that services the city of Moron, Argentina, and was the main airport of Argentina prior to opening Ministro Pistarini International Airport. In Mongolia it is the airport that services the city of Moron, a Mongolian provincial capital. The Moron airport in Spain is an Air Base located in southern Spain. It gets its name from the nearby by town of Moron de la Frontera.


9. Albuquerque International Sunport, New Mexico250px-AlbuquerqueSunportentrance
Most major cities have an airport, but very few can say that they have a Sunport, and with an average of 310 sunny days per year, Albuquerque’s airport speaks the truth. Wouldn’t it be interesting if other airports advertised their weather in the name like Albuquerque? Portland would be the Rainport, and LAX the Smogport. The possibilities are endless.



Pickle_Lake_ON_310. Pickle Lake Airport, Canada
A lot of the best airport names are based on some pretty obscure landmarks. One of these airports is Pickle Lake Airport in Canada. It’s named after the small town of Pickle Lake whose slogan is, “The Last Frontier,” which gives you an idea of how far off the beaten path it is. At least you’ll have pickles to tide you over on your journey.



Have you ever traveled to an airport with an awesome or interesting name? Let us know!


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