The Mystery of the Open Jaw Flight

The Mystery of the Open Jaw Flight

July 15, 2013

It’s come to our attention recently that everyone may not know what an open jaw flight is, and to us this is not acceptable. This is such a useful tool for every type of traveler; from beginner to the experienced world traveler, that we wanted to make sure everyone knows what it is.

What is an open jaw?
The simple definition is that an open jaw ticket is a round-trip ticket where the traveler flies to one city and returns from another city (pictured below on left: L.A. to Mazatlan, La Paz to L.A.), OR a traveler flies to one city and returns to another city (pictured below on right: Edinburgh to Brisbane, Brisbane to London). The path lines that airplanes follow between cities form an open angle that resemble an open jaw, which is where the name comes from.

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How is it used?
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe open jaw flight is used in many different situations. One often scenario is when a traveler is taking a cruise and the cruise ship doesn’t return to its home port. It saves the traveler money to use an open jaw ticket rather than paying to return to the original destination and then flying home. Or you may be city hopping through Europe and don’t want to spend the money to fly back to where you started. Well you shouldn’t! That’d just be a silly waste of money you could be spending to see another city! Use an open jaw flight instead.


How much do Open Jaw Flights cost?open-jaw-icon-arrow
Open jaws are usually the cheaper option for travel when needed, but lucky for you the Exito staff are experts at negotiating even better prices for open jaw flights. Some automated search engines include open jaws in their searches, but not all of them. To combat this, our Exito travel team has special negotiated one-way flights, which can be paired together to make a customized open jaw flight just for you. Call in today and we can help you find the perfect flight for you! Alternatively, you can fill out our Open Jaw Flight Request Form and one of our flight specialists will email or call you back within one business day and get you started!

Contact us today and get your adventure started!

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