Worlds Top Airlines and Airports

Worlds Top Airlines and Airports

July 17, 2013

Have you ever wondered if you were flying on a world class airline? Or traveling through one of the top airports in the world? Or possibly you want to know which airlines and airports to avoid? Well, thanks to the company Skytrax who collected over 12 million customer surveys about airlines and airports you’ll have the answers to these questions. And even better, they update these lists every year!



For 2013, Skytrax collected over 18 million customer surveys, from more than 100 different nationalities, which covered over 200 airlines. The customer surveys measure standards across the airlines in 41 key performance indicators. They use these surveys to narrow the list down to 100.


The survey is broken down into 3 sections: Ground/Airport, Onboard Product, and Onboard Staff Service. Some of the criteria measured on the survey include: online check-in, boarding procedures, baggage delivery, friendliness of ground staff, inflight entertainment, quality of meals, airline magazine, cabin seat comfort, consistency of service, staff language skills, staff grooming, and cabin presence thru the flight.

The 41 key performance indicators are measured to make a top 100 list.
The top 10 are:

  1. emirates.07 copyEmirates
  2. Qatar Airways
  3. Singapore Airlines
  4. All Nippon Airways (ANA)
  5. Asiana Airlines
  6. Cathay Pacific Airways
  7. Ethiad Airways
  8. Garuda Indonesia
  9. Turkish Airlines
  10. Qantas Airways

As you may notice, none of the top 10 are from the United states. We did, however, have 10 make the top 100, the top being Virgin America in the 29th spot.

To read more about the best airlines check out their website which has tons of useful and interesting information.


airportFor 2013, over 12 million customer were surveyed by Skytrax in over 100 different nationalities, featuring 395 airports. The airport surveys cover 39 key product performance indicators as well as different airports services. Some of the judging criteria include: ease getting to and from airport, waiting times at security, friendliness of airport staff, prices charged in retail outlets, baggage delivery times, and customer perception of airport security.

These 39 factors are formulated together to make a top 100 list.
The top 10 are:

  1. Singapore Changi Airportsingapore.52 copy
  2. Incheon International Airport
  3. Amsterdam Schipol Airport
  4. Hong Kong International Airport
  5. Beijing Capital International Airport
  6. Munich Aiport
  7. Zurich Aiport
  8. Vancouver International Airport
  9. Tokya International Airport (Haneda)
  10. London Heathrow Airport

You may notice again that none of the top 10 are from the United States. Although we didn’t make the top 10, we did do better with our airports getting 15 in the top 100, the top being Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in the 30th spot.

Skytrax also used the information collected about airlines to give out more specialized awards. The more specialized categories include: Best Domestic Airport, Best Premium Airport, Most Improved Airport, Best Low-Cost Airport, Best in Category Winners, Best by Size, Best by Region, Best by Staff, and Best Regional Airports.


We did have some rankings in these categories. To name one, Seattle-Tacoma International was awarded the 10th best airport staff in the world! To check out which other categories we won awards, and tons of other useful and interesting information, check out their website.



We hope you enjoyed this quick analysis of the top airlines and airports in the world. Feel free to leave your comments about these airlines and airports, or different ones! Also make sure you check out our destinations page where we give in depth descriptions about airports in lots of different cities. And we’re working on adding to this list as well, so keep checking back!

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