Stay Aware With FlightAware

Stay Aware With FlightAware

July 29, 2013

FlightAware is a website and an app that believes the idea, “The more information, the better.” We’ve found this app very handy, and want to tell you what it’s all about.


logo_tagWho They Are
FlightAware was founded in 2005, and was the first company to offer free flight tracking services for commercial and private air traffic. It quickly became the most popular flight tracking service. It currently provides flight tracking in over 45 countries across North America, Europe, and Oceania.


KIAH_newmaps_20120627Setting Them Apart
One of the great benefits of FlightAware is its real-time ability to show you were a plane is. This is what set them apart from the rest of the travel apps out there. Has your plane been delayed and the airport won’t tell you exactly how long you’re going to have to wait? Use FlightAware and you can see for yourself where your plane is. Are you picking up a friend from the airport and their plane is late? Use FlightAware to see where they are so you know when to leave so you sitting at the airport waiting on them forever. You can look up just your plane, or look at the real time activity for an entire airport.


flightaware-welcomeKeeping You Up To Date
FlightAware can keep track of your flight if you simply give it your flight and airline numbers. It will automatically update you with any changes that may occur, may they be cancellations, gates changes, or delays. You can also look up flight conditions.


Airport Info
Is weather an issue at a certain airport? You can search any airport and look up their current weather conditions. FlightAware also has maps and diagrams of each airport, as well as many other interesting and useful bits of information about each airport.


What the heck are squawks? A squawk is just FlightAware’s personal work for a headline relating to travel or flying. You can search through their squawks or if you’re a user, you can add your own squawks. The stories are mostly on recent and relevant happenings, so they’re definitely worth checking out. Sometimes, they do a squawk called “Ask The Pilot” on a particular topic. It could be an opinion on food from a certain country or views on something travel related in the news. It all varies, but it is interesting to get a pilot’s perspective.


There are plenty of more things to explore through FlightAware. It is available for use online through their website, or their app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Playbook, Symbian, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. For more travel resources check out our website. Also, don’t forget about all of our travel experts here at Exito when you’re booking your next trip. Give one of our flight specialists a call, or use our booking engine, and we’ll be more than happy to give you some more tips on making your travel a success, starting off with getting you the best deals.

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