Why You Should NOT Fly Spirit Airlines…

Why You Should NOT Fly Spirit Airlines…

July 31, 2013

In writing this blog entry, I’m not exactly sure where to even start. There are a plethora of reasons you should avoid this airline. Really the reasons are endless. Here at Exito, we don’t have the reputation for bad mouthing, so that’s not what we’re trying to do, but I’m trying to give you the best informed opinion you can because you can never undo a bad travel experience, and a trip on Spirit Airlines is almost sure to give you a bad travel experience.


To start, we’ll start at home, and home is our Exito team. Our team is full of travel experts who have traveled all over the world on countless numbers of airlines. No one on our staff will fly on Spirit. In fact, they cringe when they have to do a Spirit booking. Yes, they’ll do it if that is the airline you so desperately want to fly on, but hopefully by the end of this, I’ll have convinced you otherwise.


Now we’ll take it nationwide. Every year Consumer Reports analyses U.S.-bases commercial airlines on 6 categories: Check-In Ease, Cabin-Crew Service, Cabin Cleanliness, Baggage Handling, and Seating Comfort. Not only was Spirit given the black dot “Worse” rating in ALL 6 categories, it was the only airline to score black dots in more than 3 categories. Spirit’s CEO argues against this saying that the one thing it doesn’t ask is where you get the lowest fare, and while he has a point all of the extra fees and raised prices Spirit charges offset its cheap ticket prices.


baggagefeescover-defI sure hope you printed your boarding pass out at home, because if not Spirit will charge you $5-10 to print it out for you at the airport. Once on board, Spirit charges $3 for a can of soda or water. Don’t even think about ordering alcohol, as the cheapest thing on the menu is $7. I also hope you brought a pillow or blanket, because if you forgot yours, you’d have to buy one on the plane for $6.99. All of this is cheap compared to the $100 it is just to carry-on a bag and their carry-on size limit is smaller than normal. Don’t even get me started on check bag costs. Oh, and if you want to choose your own seat, that can cost you up to $199. And this is only the beginning of their insane costs…


Click to enlarge picture. It shows how the add-ons of Spirit can accumulate to equal more than other airlines. Some of these prices for Spirit have increased since then.


In a previous blog I boasted about the U.S. airlines and airports that were featured by Skytrax. Well, as it turns out, Skytrax uses the ratings to figure the worst as well. On this list of 20, Spirit Airlines more than makes the list of the worst-rated airlines, as it comes in at #11. It is the only U.S. carrier on the list, we are proud to say. In fact, only 2 of the 20 even do business in the Americas, Spirit being the only U.S. representative. They earned two-stars or less in categories including: Cabin Cleanliness. Responding to Requests, Standard of Customer Service, Enthusiasm/Attitude, and Explanations for Add-On Charges and Baggage.


15Ali5.SlMa.80How They Treat Their Employees
Just less than a week ago on Thursday, July 24th, 360 employees at Spirit Aerosystems in Kansas and Oklahoma lost their jobs with no advance warning. Employees came to work and were notified there, and then walked out, many right to their cars. This isn’t the first time they’ve laid people off without notice. And they always say it’s just part of an “ongoing process to align their workforce with the needs of their customers and programs, and drive company performance.” Well, if you ask me your company would do better if it had happier employees who weren’t worried about getting laid off all the time. In reviews I’ve read, most of their past employees would never recommend them for people to work at or use as an airline, even saying “Avoid at all costs!”


o-CARLOS-DANGER-570Poor Judgment
So, if you know anything about Spirit, you know they love to capitalize on a scandal or some popular news story. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the Anthony Weiner story in the news, but if you are lucky enough to have avoided it, Spirit has brought it to our attention in an awful vacation package advertisement. And on top of that, they’re also capitalizing on the Royal baby. Now if you’re like me and enjoy all of this Royal baby hype (or even if you don’t) this advertisement is sure to annoy you. A couple past scandals and popular news stories they’ve used for their awful advertising was Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women,” the Secret Service prostitution scandal and Jeremy “Linsanity.” Even when they aren’t referencing the news, their ads are just plain bad. They need a new marketing person up in there, stat. Or better yet, just shut the place down.














If all of the above is not enough for you, most of the reviews online say they have terrible customer service. Their seats don’t lean back and they’re extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention that almost every single person said that their flight was at least 1 hour delayed, if not more. Yes, they are cheap, but they aren’t worth it. Your travel experience and memories are worth more. Let us help prevent a bad experience. Go to our online booking engine or call one of our expert flight specialists who will give you the perfect advice for your trip, including who they think you should fly with (and I can guarantee you it won’t be Spirit!).


c-coupon-100offWe are now running a special. We want you to tell us your worst airline or airport stories. I once had someone give me a 5-minute lecture on a pending electronic blackout for having my headphones in while later he used his phone to play games. It was quite the experience. We want to know what’s happened to you. Just for responding you’ll receive a $25 off flight coupon, and then we’ll draw one winner for $100 off. Please send all responses to contest@exitotravel.com.

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