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August 2013

Labor Day Travel Tips

August 28, 2013


Labor Day is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. With this busy weekend ahead of us we wanted to gather some good tip articles for you to gather the best information and preparation possible. If You’re Driving: 85% of 34.1 million Labor Day travelers will be automobile drivers, so be prepared for […]


As the Labor Day weekend approaches, it means people will be heading back to school, if you aren’t already there. We have found some great tips to help all of you back-to-school packers and travelers. These tips are also transferable to really packing for any trip, so make sure to give it a read! Double […]

Meet: Africa Easy

August 23, 2013


Welcome to our 2nd Meet a Tour Specialist feature. Last week it was all about South America, so we decided to switch it up and focus on Africa Easy this week. Africa Easy specializes in customized, private safaris and small group tours to Africa. Their programs feature Southern Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Madagascar, and […]


What is cuy and when is it eaten? Cuy is a staple in the cuisine of the Andean region in Latin America. So, people in areas like Ecuador and Peru (and more!) get to enjoy the delicacy that is…. guinea pig. Yes, I said guinea pig, but it is almost as common to them as […]


Is it true that Panama hats originated in Ecuador? Yes, it is true! And the name is definitely a bit of false advertising. The hat that many people have grown to know and love as the Panama hat was produced in Ecuador starting as early as the 17th century and were often sold in Ecuador’s infamous […]