10 Best Places to Hike in the World

10 Best Places to Hike in the World

August 14, 2013

You may or may not know, but Exito is based in Colorado. The reason I say this is because when we see something about hiking, we can’t help but see what it is all about. And I especially couldn’t help but pass along the 10 best places to hike in the world to all of you travelers, because I wanted to know them myself!


Secret_South11. New Zealand
As many of you may know, New Zealand is where the famous Lord of the Rings Trilogy was filmed. Whether you knew this or not, if you’ve seen any of the films, you’ve seen the dramatic backdrops and scenery that help add to the movies magic. Hiking, or “tramping” as New Zealanders call it, is one of the best ways to take in this magical scenery. Well-marked routes cross the length and width of the country and have many government-run campsites along the way to meet all of your needs. The most popular are the nine Great Walks, which include the 50-mile Heaphy Track, which passes a varied terrain from dense rainforest to rugged coastal cliffs; the famous 32-mile Milford Track, which offers many exceptional views of New Zealand’s tallest waterfall; and the one-day Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which passes by the famous Mt. Ngauruhoe volcano, also known as ‘Mt. Doom’ from The Lord of the Rings movies.


7_mounteverest2. Nepal
The country of Nepal can’t NOT make the list of places to hike, because of course it has the world famous and mighty, Mt. Everest. Even just trekking to the base camp of this infamous peak has become a popular undertaking for the not-as-experienced climbers (picture on left). For those who dare to go to the top of Earth’s highest mountain, the summit sits at 8,848 m (29,029 ft) above sea level. Mt. Everest isn’t the only thing that Nepal has to offer, though. The legendary Annapurna Circuit is a must on many hikers lists’. The 142-mile loop is known as one of the world’s most impressive treks as it outlines the awe-inspiring Annapurna massif and crosses the Thorung La pass at an amazing altitude of 17,769 ft.


joel-sartore-a-team-of-hikers-climb-scotlands-ben-nevis-peak_i-G-28-2877-W41PD00Z3. United Kingdom
From every corner of the British Isles there are short walking trails or long distance treks running all across, which makes the United Kingdom the perfect destination for hikers to come to. Here there are many well-marked trails so there are no need for trails. It’s suggested to head to one of England’s world-renowned national parks, such as the Peak District, the Lake District, or the Yorkshire Dales. Or you could attempt the 113-mile Coast to Coast Trail that spans the entire length of England. It’s important to remember that the United Kingdom isn’t just England, and it’s not just England that’s got good hiking. The Scottish Highlands are home the UK’s highest peak called Ben Nevis, as well as wide network of footpaths that provide beautiful views over the windswept glens and gleaming lochs of Scotland.


m_1129592a4. Turkey
Turkey has much to offer any lover of the outdoors. From hiking trekking the expansive Taurus Mountains to hiking the volcanic valleys of Cappadocia, options are quite plentiful here. Turkey has two main long-distance hiking routes: the slightly shorter St. Paul’s Trail at 311 miles or 500 km and the 317-mile Lycian Way (or 510 km). Part of St. Paul’s Trail follows the route of Saint Paul the Apostle on his first missionary journey. The full trail runs from Perge and Aspendos to Yalvac. Lycian Way is a coastal trail that runs from Fethiya to Antalya. Both pass a number of key historic sites of Turkey, and showcase the country’s incredibly diverse terrain.


Rhyolite mountains on the Laugavegur5. Iceland
Iceland is a magical landscape that often times seems like something from another world with the frequency of its daunting (yet majestic) volcanoes, bubbly hot springs, and grand glaciers. And lucky for all you hiking lovers, it’s possible almost anywhere! Even though it is possible nearly anywhere, most adventure seekers head for one of Iceland’s national parks to make the most of their time. Skaftafell National Park is spectacle of glittering ice caps and jagged mountains, while Landmannalaugar’s remarkable rhyolite mountains provide the focal point of the popular four-day trek that is the Laugavegurinn Trail. Another popular trek is climbing Iceland’s highest peak, Hvannadalshnjukur, which sits at 6,922 feet. This trek will award you amazing views above the Vatnajokull glacier, which is one of the world’s largest.


Jeff-Chase_Patagonia_DSC_5031-adj-copy6. Patagonia
Often referred to as the gateway to Antarctica, Patagonia has quickly become a popular destination on its own. Its vast and varying landscapes of penguin colonies, glaciers, and snow-dusted mountains offer up many to the wandering adventurer. Patagonia stretches across the southern parts of Chile and Argentina, and has some of South America’s most spectacular surroundings, including awe striking glacial valleys, pristine lakes, and soaring mountain peaks. A great spot for hikers is the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Torres del Paine National Park on the Chilean side. It has well-marked trails which offer extensive views of the famous pink granite of Torres del Paine, or Paine Towers. Or you could make the trek to see the incredible Perito Moreno Glacier, the “smoking mountain” of El Chalten, or the windswept archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, the “Land of Fire.” You can’t go wrong with your vast amount of choices in Patagonia.


hiking-sierra-high-route-california_23698_600x4507. California
The United States is the Holy Grail for hikers. They could spend their entire lives exploring it. But if we had to recommend a state for a hiker to localize their adventures in, we’d have to say California. California has a varied terrain, which provides some spectacular hiking in some quite iconic landscapes. It provides you with canyons and dunes in Death Valley, but also granite cliffs, waterfalls, and of course the world famous Yosemite National Park. You could also visit the world’s largest tree, the General Sherman Tree, in Sequoia Park. There are also some lesser-known parks that are worth the visit for hikers, including Big Sur State Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Golden Gate National Park, and Redwood National Park. The sights in these parks range from deserts to snowcapped mountains.


kazakhstan-activities-hiking-300x1688. Kazakhstan
This really takes you off the beaten path. In Kazakhstan you’ll discover some of the world’s most inspiring, amazing, and unfortunately, least-visited landscapes. Because of this hikes are overlooked by the tourist masses, so you’ll have the trails to yourself. Kazakhstan has been building its reputation among serious hikers over the years for its unspoiled and remote wilderness destinations. And with its number of reliable trekking companies in the country, it’s now easier than ever to explore all it has to offer. The Altai and Tian Shan mountain ranges have the most popular routes, encompassing ancient pathways which trace the borders of Russia, China, and Mongolia. It is important here, however, to take a local guide with you.


image_66737_view9. The Alps
If you’re an avid hiker and you find yourself in Europe, a trip the Alps would be one hard to pass up. The Alps are Europe’s principal mountain range, stretching across eight countries. Hiking these slopes is one of the regions most popular activities. Color-coded signposts throughout the ranges mark routes, and the open-border policy of Europe means that hiking routes that go between countries won’t be an issue. Because of the high number of peaks in the Alps, you won’t have to hike far for a one if their renowned views. These many ranges provide many options. You can try to tackle the widely popular trail the includes the famous peak of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain, which also straddles the border of France and Italy, or follow a celebrated trek through the lush valleys and glacial passes of the French Alps, or for a simpler adventure, explore what the Swiss foothills have to offer. This is just the beginning of what the Alps have to offer.


heli-hike-mount-robson10. Rocky Mountains
Did we mention we’re from Colorado? We love our Rocky Mountains. The Rockies that we’re talking about here, however, are the Canadian Rockies. You could almost refer to them as the lesser-known Rockies. One of Canada’s most acclaimed attractions is the famous train journey through the towering Rocky Mountains. To truly experience these mountains and all their glory, however, you must hike them. To anyone who’s been to the Colorado Rockies, you know that this mountain range is plentiful in its offerings. In Canada this is no different. The best-marked trails and a network of alpine huts, however, lie within the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage site. A few of the notable trails include the Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit in Yoho National Park, which offers a scenic route through lush woodlands and glistening glacial valleys; the Mount Fairview Trail in Banff National Park, which offers panoramic views of the stunning Lake Louise; and the famous Berg Lake Trail, which runs through Mount Robson Provincial Park and scales the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Mt. Robson.


We hope you enjoyed that adventure across the world through hiking as much as we did. Let us know about your hiking adventures. And if you’d like to book one, let us know! Our flight specialists are here and ready to take your call, so feel free to call us when you’re ready to make your trek around the world! Happy hiking!

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