Labor Day Travel Tips

Labor Day Travel Tips

August 28, 2013

Labor Day is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. With this busy weekend ahead of us we wanted to gather some good tip articles for you to gather the best information and preparation possible.

vacadrivingIf You’re Driving:
85% of 34.1 million Labor Day travelers will be automobile drivers, so be prepared for many other people accompanying you on the road. Make sure you are well rested before any travels, but especially before any where traffic is heavy. This article by the BBB gives tips on maneuvering heavy traffic driving.

Check out this article by USA Today for some great tips. Make sure your car is in shape. Check out your tire pressure. All the fluids under the hood should be checked too. You never want to have to stop at car shop along the way and take time away from your weekend.

Also, try and avoid the rushes. The peak travel days are Friday and Monday, so if possible, avoid these. Leave early, or on an off day. You never want to be driving during rush hour. Another key to your trip is to plan your route beforehand.


Holiday TravelIf You’re Flying:
While only 8% of Labor Day travel will be by air, airports will be busier than usual. The United States is experiencing a 4.2% increase in Labor Day over last year; the highest since the recession. Airport lines will be extremely long at every turn. Flights will be completely full. Get there earlier than you think you may even need to. You don’t want to be the people running to catch your plane. Also, consider using your extra miles to upgrade to first class, or possibly paying to have your bags delivered to your house so you don’t have to wait in crowded baggage claim areas. You can even buy a day pay to the airport lounge to avoid the masses of people.


Our basic tips for you, no matter which way you’re traveling, are these:

  • Leave early
  • Be prepared – all documents (license, ticket, route) with you, and car checked
  • Be rested – You never want to sleep through a departure time, or fall asleep on the road
    • (If you’re falling asleep, don’t be afraid to stop for caffeine)


Happy travels, and feel free to call one of our flight specialists anytime you’re ready to take a vacation. In fact, Labor Day is the perfect occasion to reward yourself with a vacation! Give us a call!

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