Travel Agents Still Needed

Travel Agents Still Needed

September 11, 2013

While the travel agent world is not thriving as it used to be, as the first stop for people to buy trips to the world’s most popular places, it’s now thriving in a different way. Industry leaders from Global Basecamps and Costa Rica Vacations talk about this transition in the article, “When you may still need a travel agent.”

These industry leaders tell us about some of the main reasons now why you should use a travel agent. When excerpt and reason from the article being:

If you want someone to call when things go wrong: Nearly 70% of affluent consumers who use travel agents say what’s most important is that an agent protect them or help them when things go wrong with a trip, according to a study by Harrison Group and American Express Publishing. “Travel agents are a kind of insurance,” Taylor say. For many agents, this means being on call at all hours.

This reason is probably the top reason we here at Exito give out too. It’s common knowledge that you have the ability to book a ticket yourself. But, if something goes wrong and your flight is canceled, or you’re stranded in an airport, and you booked on your own… you have no agent to call. Having used a travel agent, like us, we can remedy the situation quickly without you having to put extra stress into it. We recommend giving yourself that extra insurance, at no extra cost to you.

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