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The Best of SmarterTravel

September 16, 2013

smarter-travelWhen writing some of our blogs, sometimes we like to scour the pages of SmarterTravel and their editorial pages to find ideas. And these pages are full of great ideas. For today’s blog, we thought we’d link to some of our favorites so you could give them a read yourself. Some are funny, and some are helpful. SmarterTravel really has it all!

1. What Your Flight Attendant Really Thinks Of You
A retired flight attendant unzips their lips about some of the things they’ve always wanted to say to passengers, as well as revealing a few flight secrets. Quite funny and amusing!

2. Ten Tips For Nervous Flyers
When I get nervous flying, I turn on my iPod and do my best to fall asleep, but these tips are great for those that that won’t work for.

3. Eight Hacks Using Travel Freebies
From shower caps to a bar of soap, this article helps you become a travel hacker for free. Very cool!

4. Seven Sneaky Smartphone Hacks You Should Be Using
While on the topic of hacking, this article is FANTASTIC! I have bookmarked this article and will be implementing all of this tips on my next trip.

5. Seven Small Ways To Boost Your Travel Wardrobe
Neutrals, neutral, neutrals! Well it talks about more than that, but that’s really important.

6. 10 Airport Foods You Should Never Eat
This article made me rethink ever eating in an airport again.

There are many, many more great articles to be found in the editorial galleries of SmarterTravel and throughout the entire website. We hope you enjoy these. Happy travels!

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