Meet Global Basecamps

Meet Global Basecamps

September 24, 2013

Global Basecamps: Exploration Made Easy

This week, for our Meet the Tour Operator, we got a special look into the company, from the company themself. They went into great detail to tell you why they are unique, and the perfect choice for your trip, and we have to agree that they are pretty great. We think Global Basecamps is an excellent company, and would give you a great, time-of-your-life experience. Check out what they have to say here.


A Look Behind the Itinerary
Global Basecamps creates customized experiences for independent travelers – bringing together diverse destinations and cultures, unique lodging and a spirit of adventure to create personal, memorable journeys.

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Building Personal Basecamps
Traditionally, a basecamp provides supplies, shelter and a communication base. At Global Basecamps we’ve built our approach to travel on that foundation: creating a personal basecamp that allows travelers to renew and extend their sense of adventure with a virtual safety net from our basecamp headquarters in California. From the planning onward, Global Basecamps strives to create a customized travel experience as unique as the traveler. With individual basecamps (centered on unique, locally owned properties, hotels and lodges), one can venture beyond a “vacation” into a journey, an adventure and a cultural exploration.


Customized Travel – More Than A Philosophy
Global Basecamps believes travel believes travel can be a complete personal transformation, not just a vacation. We believe tourism can do more than bring money to a destination: it can help that destination improve its environment and retain its unique human culture. To this end, we have strived to become the leading experts on all things eco travel, sustainable tourism, ecological preservation, and cultural education. We believe that through a respectful approach to a destination’s people and environment, travelers can leave a country better than how they found it. We believe the perfect trip exists. The perfect lodge, the perfect tour guide, the perfect sunrise hike and the perfect cultural experience are all out there, and we’d like to help you find them. We are on a quest for adventure that will take us from the mountain tribal villages of Thailand to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, and the volcanic sand beaches of the Galapagos.

We’d like to bring you along for the ride.


Sustainable, Socially Responsible Travel
Through a variety of educational, environmental and cultural initiatives, our trips create meaningful experiences for the traveler while benefiting local communities. A safari can also incorporate visits to local schools and tribes. All of our partners have been qualified as upholding a level of service that does not have a negative impact on destinations.

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Hand-Crafted For Maximum Memories
Global Basecamps has sample itineraries to inspire, but our value is in creating a hand-crafted, individualized trip, and in linking travelers to places and itineraries they could not design themselves. The Global Basecamps team brings expertise to the mix, with firsthand destination experience, a deep knowledge base incorporating culture and properties, air reservations and local tour operators to ensure a truly one of a kind trip. What’s on the itinerary? Sustainable hotels and lodges, authentic cultural experiences, safaris, treks, or special interest tours.


Featured Destinations
Global Basecamps continues to expand its product portfolio. Key Destinations currently include:

  • Africa: Tanzania, Uganda, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya
  • Asia: Japan, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Nepal
  • South America: Peru & the Inca Trail, Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands, Colombia, Argentina
  • Central America: Costa Rica

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Global Basecamps Team & Basecamp HQ
Founded in Southern California by Michael D’Amico and Sebastian Riedel, Global Basecamps is led by a team with a passion for – and expertise in – travel, sustainability and hospitality. They are supported by specialists and managers with equal parts passion and expertise: international development, Asian, African and Latin American culture, eco-tourism, Japanese language and travel. They believe that “the journey is the reward.”


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Global Basecamps937 South Coast Hwy. 101, Suite C209
Encinitas, CA 92024

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