Tanzania Fun Facts

Tanzania Fun Facts

September 27, 2013

Continuing on our journey with Global Basecamps, we wanted to give you some facts about their sample destination country, Tanzania, that you probably didn’t know. Enjoy!tzafrica

  • Tanzania is located in East AfricaBorders the Indian Ocean
    • Sits between Kenya and Mozambique
  • Capital City is Dodoma
    • Commercial capital and largest city, however, is Dar es Salaam
  • Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, the largest mountain in Africa
  • It’s a little more than 2x the size of California with an area of 945,087 sq km
  • Has a population of around 39 million
  • Swahili, Kiswahili, and English are the official languages, and English is the primary language of commerce, administration, and higher education
    • Arabic is widely spoken in Zanzibar, and there are many local languages
    • Over 120 languages total are spoken here
  • The best time to visit is during the dry season, from May-October
  • It’s currency is the Tanzania Shillingurl
    • TSh 1611 = US $1 (approximately)
  • Tanzania has 2 international airports
    • Outside Dar es Salaam (DAR)
    • Near Arusha (and Mount Kilimanjaro) – called Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)
  • The world’s earliest human skull was found in here in the Olduvai Gorge
  • Home to the largest concentration of wildlife per sq km
    • More than 4 million wild animals
    • Representatives of more than 430 species and subspecies
  • Home to the coconut crab, the largest crab in the worldARKive image GES008535 - Coconut crab
  • Mpingo trees, aka Africa blackwood trees, are commonly found in Tanzania, and are the most expensive hardwood tree in the world
  • Tanzania shares its national anthem with Zimbabwe and South Africa
    • Composed by Enock Sontoga, it’s titled Mungu Ibariki Afrika (God Bless Africa)


We hope you enjoyed this tour of facts about Tanzania, and our journey with Global Basecamps. We hope you’ll give them both a chance and have a great adventure! Happy travels!

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