Meet: Women’s Quest

Meet: Women’s Quest

September 30, 2013

Over the next two weeks we are going to take a journey with the wonderful tour company, Women’s Quest. Please join us for this journey, delving into learning all about what makes Women’s Quest so great! These posts are written by the wonderful people at Women’s Quest and all photo credit goes to Nicole Levy.

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Embrace Your One Wild and Precious Life

Poet Mary Oliver ends her poem The Summer Day with a question we all need to ask ourselves, and each other. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Life is all about choices, and we have the power to change and guide our lives by the choices we make. So today, ask yourself this question and embrace your one wild and precious life. How will you awaken yourself and honor your dreams? Whatever your answer, your journey will be enriched by choosing to be with people who also want to embrace their own amazing lives.

Women’s Quest, a women’s travel and retreat program, has built their entire schedule and curriculum on this principal. The people at Women’s Quest believe life is something to be lived to the fullest, not rushed through or endured. Often women want to make changes and create meaning in their lives, but they’re so busy keeping up with their jam-packed everyday, that they’re not sure how to start. The answer is centuries old, but has been forgotten in our modern lives: going on a Quest — your own journey of personal discovery.


Women from all over the country, of all ages and abilities have attended Women’s Quest retreatssince 1992. Their world-class, all-female staff of former pro athletes, dance and yoga instructors, body therapists, coaches, optimists, and inspiration junkies are committed to helping women reach their full potential in an atmosphere that is supportive, friendly, and non-competitive.

A Women’s Quest retreat is the ultimate adventure to refresh your spirit, rekindle your passions, and cultivate balance in your life. Each fun-filled health and fitness retreat combines physical, mindful, and spirit-filled activities with amazing adventures that enliven, refresh, and encourage self-confidence and self-expression. Retreats are 24held in some of the most beautiful places on earth, immersing you in gorgeous landscapes, and giving rise to a variety of activities to spark your senses, revitalize your body, and soothe your soul. Comfortable accommodations, inspirational talks, expert instruction, and healthy, delicious meals, combined with massage, yoga, and creative activities round out each retreat.

This is no ordinary fitness or travel vacation. It is a reawakening to yourself and your one wild and precious life. For information on Women’s Quest retreats please visit

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