Meet: Wildland Adventures

Meet: Wildland Adventures

October 15, 2013


Now we introduce to you the wonderful… Wildland Adventures! With adventure travel to meet all your needs, Wildland Adventures will be perfect fit for any adventure you can dream up, so start dreaming!

‘Go Wild’, But Plan Ahead

Galapagos Family Adventure Travel 3Every year after kids are back in school when the sun starts setting lower in the North American horizon, there are always those travelers who have not yet made plans where to head south for some family fun-in-the-sun adventure travel during the holidays. This week we are working on several custom Wildland Family Adventures to Patagonia, Costa Rica, Belize and Africa over the holidays for those who haven’t made any reservations yet. Sometimes we can make it work, but sometimes we can’t.

If you don’t plan ahead be aware that airfares to popular winter get-a-way adventure vacations to Costa Rica, as close as it is from the US, might be as much as a ticket for travel to Kenya or an adventure to India any other time of year. One family was finally able to round up the teen grandkids to settle on their schedule this week.

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We know it can be challenging for the grandparents, moms, or whomever is in charge of coordinating everyone’s busy schedule and diverse interests planning a family adventure vacation to agree on dates and commit to a plan. We’re experts at helping plan family adventures that accommodate everyone’s interests and abilities, but it’s always best when you round up the troops further in advance so we all have the advantage of greater availability and lower air fares to plan the best adventure vacation.

Just today we sent the following message to a mom who wanted to take her family to Patagonia. We don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but we can turn it into good fortune if Lisa’s family takes our advice and is able to plan ahead next year:

 It was nice to speak with you today and I appreciate your patience.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the best news for you.  I just can’t find a good combination of accommodations in Torres del Paine and around El Calafate that can accommodate you over the exact dates; everything is available either at the beginning of your trip or towards the end but the middle dates – when you need to be in Patagonia – are fully booked.

I wish I had a better option for you. However, in light of everything that we discussed, I do think this trip might be more enjoyable for your Patagonia family vacation in another year when we have more advance notice to plan ahead.  Plus there is the factor of airfare being more expensive this late in the game, etc.  If you want to start planning for next year over the same dates, do so at least 6 months in advance.  We can start planning for next year now if you like, though flights can’t be booked until 11 months prior.

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For more information about adventure travel, contact award-winning Wildland Adventures at: or call 1-800-345-4453.


Thank you Wildland Adventures for contributing to our Meet the Tour Operator series. We look forward to the next entry, and urge all of you to book with Wildland for your next adventure! Happy travels!

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