Adventure Travel Is a Team Effort

Wildland Adventures: Adventure Travel Is a Team Effort

October 21, 2013


Adventure Travel Is a Team Effort

Wild Alumni

Exito Travel works with many top tour operators to assist their clients in finding the best airfare and flight itinerary. Recently, we were very pleased to receive this note of thanks from Wildland Adventures:

Dear Exito Team,

A Wildland traveler recently told us that among all the tour operators they looked at to go the Galapagos Islands–and there are many–they picked Wildland Adventures.

It wasn’t because two of the most reputable authorities in travel have distinguished Wildland Adventures: National Geographic conducted an extensive survey of hundreds of travel outfitters worldwide and ranked Wildland Adventures the #1 “Best Do-It-All Adventure Travel Company on Earth” for our global reach and limitless expertise. Fodor’s also rated Wildland as one of the “World’s Best Tour Specialists” specifically distinguishing us as an “…eco-outfit that ventures off the beaten path without sacrificing style.”

And it wasn’t even because of the decades of deep involvement supporting research and conservation of the Galapagos Islands National Park. Wildland Adventures was a founding member of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association and company President Kurt Kutay currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of this prestigous non-profit organization.

Here’s why this traveler picked Wildland Adventures to go on our Galapagos tour:

“One of the reasons we selected Wildland is that you seem to be the most helpful outfitter in terms of arranging flights, hotels, transfers, etc.”

Among all our fine competitors and colleagues in adventure travel, this traveler picked Wildland because of the support we get from Exito Travel. As our partner in booking often complex and highly competitive air itineraries, you have made our job easier.  We don’t like to do air reservations, and we’re not good at it. We much prefer to focus our expertise on our adventure tours for families, friends and couples traveling together and leave the air reservations to the experts who do it in the most friendly and expeditious way!

These days it takes an organization like Exito with wholesale airline contracts and expert reservations agents to provide the best service for our guests. The best part for us is that all we need to do is turn our guests over to your team at Exito and you take over as part of our team. 



Wow! What can we say? We are humbled by such praise. For information about adventure travel including tours to Galapagos contact Wildland Adventures, email, or call 1-800-345-4453.

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