Belize: Land of Infinite Adventures

Belize: Land of Infinite Adventures

December 5, 2013

Want excitement, adventure, fun, culture, nature and a little relaxation on the side? Then look no further than Belize!


This small Central American country is rich in natural adventure resources, and because of its small size you can experience a lot in a short or a long vacation. You can choose jungle, beach, diving, fishing, archaeology, birding, caving, watersports, beach combing, cultural exploration, or a do-nothing vacation. Mix and match to make satisfy the entire family. This is a place where everyone will be happy!




One of the best ways to see the country is by air. Tropic Air not only offers flights to all the major adventure and tourism hubs, but some exciting and different tour activities as well.

The Lamanai Maya River Tour offers culture, history and nature with a boat ride down the New River. You’ll arrive at your final destination of the incredibly impressive Lamanai Maya site. If adrenaline is your thing then the Zipline and Waterfall Adventure, A.T.M. Maya Underworld Adventure or the Black Hole drop is for you. For something a little bit more relaxing try the Airboat and Cave Tubing Adventure, The Tikal (Guatemala) Overnight Adventure or the Snorkel Adventure.



But for something truly spectacular, take a tour of the Blue Hole, and see it how it should be seen… from the air.

Belize has so much to offer, its like wrapping Costa Rica, Egypt, Australia and Jamaica into one, and the best part is it’s only two to three hours from the United States, so there is zero stress in getting there.


Give us a call and we’ll help make this fantastic trip come to life!

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