Meet: Andrew Gilchrist of Lost World Adventures

Meet: Andrew Gilchrist of Lost World Adventures

December 12, 2013

 Meet the Tour Operator!

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Organization: Lost World Adventures
Tour Operator: Andrew Gilchrist


First, thank you for taking the time out to participate in our ongoing ‘Meet the Tour Operator’ special. We really appreciate it. We’d like to ask you a few questions just to get to know you and your organization.


Exito: What is your background?

Andrew: I am 48 years old. I was raised in the UK, but I transplanted to the USA in 1987. I’m married with one 16-year-old son who has already travelled to six continents. I divide my time between Decatur, GA and Red Lodge, MT.


Exito: What is your favorite place on earth?

Andrew: Red Lodge, MT, but don’t tell anyone else. It has the outdoors, hiking, biking, great friends, and scenery.


Exito: Do you speak any languages besides English?

Andrew: Spanish, German, French, and Italian.


Exito: When do you start or join Lost World?

Andrew: The company was founded in 1987, but I joined in 1991 after working in Taiwan as an English teacher and in Alaska as a commercial fisherman. I took over ownership in 1996.


Exito: What are your jobs at the company?

Andrew: Sales, marketing, accounting, and coffee maker.


Exito: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Andrew: The variety, and the flexibility to work when and where I like. I put in over 60 hours a week, but I can also take time off when needed.


Exito: Was there anyone that was instrumental in your success?

Andrew: My wife… Yea, I know, it’s cliché. But she is a great asset to the company.


Exito: What is one of the biggest challenges you have in working for your company?

Andrew: Trying NOT to work all the time. Walking away from work for a day, or longer, is hard, but I know it’s necessary from time to time.


Exito: Last, what is Lost World’s specialty or that makes you special?

Andrew: We specialize in custom travel. Each tour is planned carefully after consulting with the clients, listening to their needs, interest, budget, travel style, etc. It is labor intensive, and there can be many communications between the clients and our company before they travel.


Thank you again, Andrew, for taking the time to let us see into your world, and into the world of Lost World Adventures. We recommend them to all of you!

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