5 Holiday Travel Tips

5 Holiday Travel Tips

December 20, 2013

 It’s that time of year again. The time of year where so many people across the world have something in common… TRAVEL. We’re all getting together to spend the Holidays with our family’s and there is a lot of travel involved. Whether you’re flying or driving there are some important things to consider.


united-spring-break-backpack-pack-light-255x2101. Pack light
There are tons of things we want to pack for the Holidays, whether it be extra clothes for warmth, or an extra swim suit if you are somewhere warm, you should take a step back to consider all that’s going into your bag. Space is valuable, and you’ll need to be bringing more things back with you, so pack light! Things can be reworn, and laundry can most likely be done. That special occasion pair of boots isn’t necessary, but the extra space will be.


2. Send your gifts
holiday_shipping_blog_2013_12_11If you’re flying for the holidays, space is tight. You need to get the most bang for your buck in your minimal suitcases. And since you probably just spent a ton on all the gifts, you aren’t going to want to pay for an extra bag or for if one of your bags is too heavy. Consider, instead, shipping your gifts to their location ahead of time. This saves you space, and it preserves the gift so there’s no risk of it getting damaged or lost in transit.


3. Travel early or late in the date
For less traffic on the road or in the airport it’s better to travel early or late in the day. The mid-afternoon time gets busy, so it’s best to be on the road earlier or at the airport earlier when lines are minimal.


4. Plan for the unexpected
Something unexpected is bound to happen on your trip. I was once on a trip where we ran into a terrible snow storm that caused us to have to get four new snow tires for our car. We obviously didn’t budget in that time or money. So, give yourself some extra money to spend. Give yourself plenty of time at the airport or to get to your destination. It’s always important to add “the unexpected” to your budget because it will inevitably happen to you if you don’t.



5. Use your vacation days
This one is pretty straight and to the point… Use your vacation days! On average, Americans are given 14 vacation days per year, and they leave 4 unused every year. That could be 4 more PAID days with your family. Many countries have more vacation days than 14, but whatever the case is, do not leave them out on the table. Get what you’re working for, and what better time to use them than the Holidays?


If you use these travel tips, you should be able to get through the Holidays without a hiccup! And if you happen to not have Holiday plans, this is the perfect time of year to get a good deal on a last minute cruise. So make use of those vacation days and take that topical vacay you’ve always wanted.


Happy Holidays from Exito!

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