Insider Tips to Belize

Insider Tips to Belize

January 10, 2014

Insider Tips to Belize

1. Think outside the box. May, September and October are some of the best months of the year for diving.  Fewer people visit and you are sure to find great deals on accommodation.

2. Put ”visit at least one Maya site” on your to do list.  There are sites in each of all six Belize districts.


3. Snorkeling the Largest Barrier Reef in the Western Hemisphere is a must, but be sure to wear lots of sunscreen or protective clothing as the reflection of the water will increase the effect of the sun’s rays.

4. Drink lots and lots and lots of water, but make sure it’s the bottled kind.

5. Fly rather than drive. Tropic Air flights to most destinations and also offer charters to more remote and exotic places. Tikal, Guatemala is also possible for the day for the really adventurous.


6. Belizeans love to party and there are festivals and celebrations countrywide most months of the year. Check with the Belize Tourism Board to find out whats going on when you plan to visit.

7. Talk to the locals and find out where they eat. They will know some great eats at real bargains.

8. Go visit the Belize Zoo, known as the coolest little zoo in the world, you will see an amazing selection of Belizean wildlife in their natural habitat.

9. Caving can be fun!  Try a relaxing tubing trip through a cave system or for something more adventurous visit one of the caves traditionally thought of as part of the Maya underworld.

10. You really cannot miss the famous Blue Hole if you come to Belize.  If you don’t want to dive or snorkel it or go by boat then see it by air (pictured). Its on most peoples bucket list!

11. “Skin so soft” is a good way to see off those “no see ums” flies at dawn and dusk.

12. If you are having a rainforest mainland vacation try to take a trip to the cayes. If you are having a beach/caye vacation try to take a trip to the mainland.

13. US currency is welcomed everywhere.  Some establishments will not accept torn, marked or damaged notes so make sure they are crisp.

14. Bring a pair of sandals or flip flops. The sand can get very hot during the day.

15. Be sure you try the national dish of Belize – stewed chicken, rice and beans with coleslaw at least once on your trip… we bet you won’t be able to just have it once. A little dash of hot sauce will complete your indulgence in local cuisine.

16. Be sure to allow at least three hours at the international airport to check-in and clear security when leaving Belize, especially on the heavier travel days of the week (Saturday or Sunday). If you have a flight earlier in the morning (such as to Los Angeles), two hours should suffice. One hour is required for domestic flights.


-Belize Chocolate Company
Guest Blogger


Photos: (Tropic Air/ Blue Hole) ©Tony Rath, (Lamanai Maya Site) © Anthony Hunt 

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