Looking for a Winter Getaway?

Looking for a Winter Getaway?

January 16, 2014

For most, this may not seem like the ideal time for a vacation but for a few different reasons, you’ll see that January to the beginning of February is actually the perfect time to take that getaway you’ve been meaning to for so long. You may think, I just spent too much money over the holidays, or your mind may be too stuck in the cold around you to imagine the beautiful weather that could be elsewhere. Well, if you managed to save some money, we’ll show you a few of those spectacular places you can go to.


Mexico City, Mexico
While there is a higher elevation here that keeps temperatures below normal tropical levels it’s still better than it’s northern counterpart of the United States. The lows reach to about 6º C (around 43º F) and highs get to the low 20s (around 70 F), so at least you can leave your winter coats at home. And when in Mexico, of course there are many beaches close by to enjoy.


Dominican Republic
This location is popular all year long, but with most people being locked up in their offices, it makes right now the perfect time to go. The temperatures range from 20º C to 30º C (68º F to 86º F), taking all of those winter blues away. It has an abundance of beaches and resorts for those looking to relax. 



Trujillo, Peru
This gem of Peru if located in the north, and is full of Peruvian culture. It has pre-Inca and Moche ruins, with an assortment of museums packed with artifacts to showcase the city’s rich history. The weather stays around 20º C so it makes it quite enjoyable, especially for the live nighttime salsa music. Peru is also home to some great adventure, like the spectacular Machu Picchu.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro is home to some very famous beaches, such as Copacabana. This beach stretches for 4 km (about 2.5 miles). These beaches are perfect for people seeking more of the beach feel, as opposed to a resort. With an average high temperature in January of 32º C (90º F), and low hotel prices, you’ll have to fight people for space at this perfect location.


Cape Town, South Africa
Yes, we jumped oceans here a bit, but there’s so much to do in Cape Town at this time of year. The temperatures range from 15º C to 27º C (about 60º F to 80º F). Cape Town has 3 great beaches that you can enjoy during the wonderful warm weather; False Bay, Atlantic Seaboard, or West Coast. There are also many adventure activities like hiking, rock climbing, cave exploring, or diving with sharks. This is actually one of the most prime locations for diving with sharks in the world!


These are just a few of the great places to visit this time of year. Give us a call today for more ideas or to book your Winter Getaway!

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