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Airlines & Airports


Have you ever found yourself completely dumbfounded by an airline by how awful they are to deal with? How much of a hassle it is? How difficult it is? Painful? How unwilling to listen they are? What poor communicators they are? Shouldn’t they be trying to befriend you, and romance you? You, after all, are […]


August 22, 2013


Yesterday the 21st of August, LAN reported that is was notified on Tuesday, August 20th, that they would be forced to vacate the hangar that they operate in the Jorge Newbery Airport terminal, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This notification came from the Argentina Regulatory Agency of the National Airport System. ORSNA (its Spanish acronym) gave […]


Is the marriage between US Airways & American Airlines dead now that the DOJ’s Antitrust Division has filed a lawsuit to stop the merger.  All seemed to be going as planned after receiving the blessing of the Pilots, workers, a bankruptcy judge, and just last week, the  EU Competition Commissioner.  Albeit, the EU extracted some […]


In writing this blog entry, I’m not exactly sure where to even start. There are a plethora of reasons you should avoid this airline. Really the reasons are endless. Here at Exito, we don’t have the reputation for bad mouthing, so that’s not what we’re trying to do, but I’m trying to give you the […]


Have you ever wondered if you were flying on a world class airline? Or traveling through one of the top airports in the world? Or possibly you want to know which airlines and airports to avoid? Well, thanks to the company Skytrax who collected over 12 million customer surveys about airlines and airports you’ll have […]