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Ask Exito: What is required for travel to Ecuador/Galapagos? Passport only? An additional Visa from Equador? All travelers must have a passport with six months remaining validity before arriving in Ecuador. It also must have six months remaining validity to depart Ecuador. A traveler must also have a return ticket to their country of origin or to […]


What is cuy and when is it eaten? Cuy is a staple in the cuisine of the Andean region in Latin America. So, people in areas like Ecuador and Peru (and more!) get to enjoy the delicacy that is…. guinea pig. Yes, I said guinea pig, but it is almost as common to them as […]


Is it true that Panama hats originated in Ecuador? Yes, it is true! And the name is definitely a bit of false advertising. The hat that many people have grown to know and love as the Panama hat was produced in Ecuador starting as early as the 17th century and were often sold in Ecuador’s infamous […]


What languages are spoken in Ecuador? The main language of Ecuador is Spanish, which is spoken by 94% of the population. There are recognized regional languages in native communities, including Kichwa (Quichua), Shuar, and 11 others. These native languages are often known as Amerindian languages.


What does ‘Pura Vida’ mean and when should it be used? Pura Vida is a phrase common to Costa Rican culture. The literal translation means ‘pure life’ but the real meaning is closer to “full of life,” plenty of life,” “going great,” “real living,” or “this is living.” Pura Vida can be used in many […]