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The Best of SmarterTravel

September 16, 2013


When writing some of our blogs, sometimes we like to scour the pages of SmarterTravel and their editorial pages to find ideas. And these pages are full of great ideas. For today’s blog, we thought we’d link to some of our favorites so you could give them a read yourself. Some are funny, and some […]

Travel Agents Still Needed

September 11, 2013


While the travel agent world is not thriving as it used to be, as the first stop for people to buy trips to the world’s most popular places, it’s now thriving in a different way. Industry leaders from Global Basecamps and Costa Rica Vacations talk about this transition in the article, “When you may still need […]


Ask Exito: What is required for travel to Ecuador/Galapagos? Passport only? An additional Visa from Equador? All travelers must have a passport with six months remaining validity before arriving in Ecuador. It also must have six months remaining validity to depart Ecuador. A traveler must also have a return ticket to their country of origin or to […]


Meet The Tour Operator Organization Name: Natural Habitat Adventures Individual’s Name: Ben Bressler Position: NatHab Founder & President The Questions Exito: What is your personal background? Ben: Born and raised in Jersey.  Boulder, CO is home now, where I live with my wife Laura and my two boys Cole and Finley.    Exito: Do […]

Labor Day Travel Tips

August 28, 2013


Labor Day is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. With this busy weekend ahead of us we wanted to gather some good tip articles for you to gather the best information and preparation possible. If You’re Driving: 85% of 34.1 million Labor Day travelers will be automobile drivers, so be prepared for […]