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In writing this blog entry, I’m not exactly sure where to even start. There are a plethora of reasons you should avoid this airline. Really the reasons are endless. Here at Exito, we don’t have the reputation for bad mouthing, so that’s not what we’re trying to do, but I’m trying to give you the […]


Have you ever wondered if you were flying on a world class airline? Or traveling through one of the top airports in the world? Or possibly you want to know which airlines and airports to avoid? Well, thanks to the company Skytrax who collected over 12 million customer surveys about airlines and airports you’ll have […]

Boeing passenger plane from the Aerolineas Argentinas fleet.

Whether you plan on sipping wine in Mendoza and Salta, snapping photos of glaciers and granite spires as you backpack across the Fitz Roy Range, or dancing the tango in Buenos Aeries, you can get to Argentina on one of the world’s safest airlines. Aerolineas Argentinas just announced that SKYTRAX named them one of the […]

Chile’s Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano continues to disrupt travel in South America, although activity has lessened  in recent days.

Travel in Argentina and Uruguay has been the most severely impacted, with airport closures yesterday in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

While many towns in Chile have been doused with ash, air travel has been less affected.  But as the ash cloud spreads over the Pacific, travel between Australia and South American is the latest casualty.  Qantas in particular has chosen not to operate under the current conditions.

If you are scheduled to fly to Buenos Aires or Montevideo within the next week, please keep in close contact with your Exito agent or the airline.  While the situation seems to be improving, there may still be flight cancellations or delays.

Lounging in the pool, staring out into the darkening tropical jungle, I contemplated my difficult choices.  A drink before dinner, or stay in the pool?  Decisions, decisions.  On a small group tour, that was about the toughest one I had to make.

I consider myself an independent traveler.  From my first trip as an adult, backpacking across Asia and Australia, to current jaunts with my family, I like to do it myself.  But a recent trip to Costa Rica reminded me of the pleasures and advantages of small group tours.

I was in Costa Rica for business, so was traveling alone.  I had an open weekend, but only the weekend – I had to be back in San Jose on Monday morning. I decided to maximize my time by signing up for a tour to Tortuguero National Park.  And I, super independent traveler, had a fantastic time.