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Anyone who travels regularly to Latin America has heard the questions.  Right after “But isn’t it awfully dangerous?” usually comes “Don’t people get sick down there a lot?”  The answers are no and no – most of Latin American is quite safe, and people who take sensible precautions usually stay perfectly healthy.  The key is […]

Punta Arenas: Strikes easing

January 17, 2011

Strikes paralyzed Chilean Patagonia last week, as thousands took to the street to protest increases in the price of gas and the projected removal of a government subsidy. There were significant demonstrations and some rioting in the region’s capital Punta Arenas, and all roads and ferry crossings leading into the city have been subject to […]

You look at the map, and it seems like it should be straightforward.  Save on airfare, and experience all those places, by traveling to South America overland!  After all, Central America conveniently connects North and South America.  What better trip could there be, than to do it as a grand overland journey? Not so fast.  […]

It happened again last week – the frantic phone call from the airport, as a client realizes that his passport is expired. Take a deep breath.  Yes, it’s bad, but like most things, there are solutions. The best solution is, of course, prevention.  When you buy your ticket, take a few minutes to find and […]

Latin America is the land of departure taxes.  Many countries charge departure taxes, and all too often these can only be paid in cash, at the airport, at departure.  This can come as an unwelcome surprise to travelers who (like me) may arrive at the airport with no money left in their pockets. Peru is […]